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 Essay regarding Video Games Can be a Bad Effect on Teenagers




You are required to make an opinion dissertation outline using one of the suggested topics presented.


1 . Write your opinion dissertation outline based upon ONE of the advised titles below.

2 . Utilize the given DESIGN TEMPLATE to write your essay summarize.

3. Your OUTLINE intended for the dissertation should be written in full content.

4. The assignment should only be HANDWRITTEN.

5. The essay format should have at least 600-850 terms.

6. Your essay describe should be broken into 5 sentences; 1 intro paragraph, a few body paragraphs and 1 conclusion section.

six. The launch paragraph will need to consist of a short introduction and explanation with the topic or perhaps general transactions (you may include figures/statistics/ findings/ etc .. ), a phrase showing your STAND or OPINION on the topic plus the THESIS STATEMENT.

8. Each of your body section should have a relevant TOPIC WORD that further explains your thesis declaration, several supporting sentences that explains your topic word and a concluding sentence in your essay (optional).

9. Support your judgment with relevant explanation and appropriate illustrations. Use info (optional) to improve your stand or judgment. *Usage of citations needs proper referring to at the end.

10. The conclusion passage should include an index of the main points/ paraphrased restatement of your thesis statement as well as your final comment on the subject preferably asserting your opinion.

14. This task is DUE in WEEK twelve.

12. Send together with Producing Assignment PART 1 as part of the Writing Assignment portfolio.

Suggested titles (Choose only ONE)

1 . Education is the sole most important factor inside the development of a rustic. Do you agree?

2 . Will you agree or disagree with this declaration: " Games are a bad influence about young people. ”

3. Within your opinion, really does modern technology generate life more convenient, or was life better when technology was less complicated?

4. " Some people prefer to travel in foreign countries; others say that there is very much to be seen within our own country”. What is your view?

your five. Technology is making connection easier nowadays, but many believe it is at the expenditure of personal speak to as many persons chose to research or home based in front of a pc screen. How do you feel about a society that depends upon computer monitors rather than face- to- face contact due to its main way of communication?

The Writing Method

i. Brainstorm for ideas/points according to your chosen subject.

ii. Develop the thesis statement, theme sentences, helping sentence and also other details. Hook up your ideas in coherent phrases and grow the content to include certain details. Make use of appropriate transitional words (e. g.: Consequently , Moreover, Additionally , Firstly, In short etc . )

iii. Make an outline in complete content (using website given below).

iv. Carefully revise the essay describe for accordance, relevance, oneness and dialect use.

sixth is v. The dissertation outline needs to be submitted together with the Writing Job portfolio.

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Advantages Paragraph

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