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Restaurant Management Business Plan: Assignment Three

HRTM 3263 China Summer 2014 Doctor Scanlon

Staff: ___ AHA____

This project must be based on the restaurant concept that you just submitted in Parts One and Two of the assignment. This third, and final, area of the Restaurant Supervision Business Plan Job is to be submitted in hard form. No Past due Submissions recognized. Note that you will find 3 parts to this job, the Revenue Forecast, Beverage Management as well as the Critical Route of Assistance. In part certainly one of this job you determined the location, dishes theme and concept of the restaurant. Simply two you created a menu and cost range for that same cuisine and concept. From this section of the assignment you can expect to now prediction expected earnings for the restaurant being a foundation to look for the business feasibility of your concepts. SECTION ONE PARTICULAR: REVENUE PREDICTION

Create a floors plan for the restaurant operation, laying out the dining room area(s) and the home. Identify the pieces of equipment plus the flow through the kitchen towards the dining room. After that determine the placement of desks and ergonomic chairs using the recommendations suggested for your restaurant principle: casual, everyday bistro, fine dining. Based upon the menu prices you listed with your menu simply Two of this kind of assignment, identify the average look for each food service in your menu program.

1 . Discover the total volume of seats as well as the number of times these seating will be flipped for each meals period. If perhaps less than one particular complete chair turn, recognize the occupancy level to get the meal period by simply percentage of occupancy. The entire number of seating: 58 seats

The number of instances these seating will be converted for each meals period: -Lunch: 3. six

-Dinner: three or more

2 . Determine the total seats capacity and seating location for your cafe operation. (Please see Appendix I. )

3. Using the average verify, forecasted occupancy and number of seats, determine the revenue expectations to get...