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itUNILAB'S VIDASTAT: The Price Buster


A. Business philosophy

" Bayanihan”- working together to achieve a specific goal. This can be a key theory for unilab and the first step toward a true authentic relationship among management and employees.

A. Current technique that the business is using is price differentiation wherein they offer a lower price for their products than their concentrate on competitor.

B. Relevant record

5. In 1945 Jose Y. Campos established Unilab and exposed a small drug store in Binondo, Manila, Philippines. * In 2005, when mercks patent was about to end, unilab experienced already started the groundwork to kick off Vidastat, a unique brand of simvastatin * Last year Unilab receive the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) for Efficiency Excellence.

C. Financial Analysis

* Rates of Vidastat were 50 percent lower than Zocor in 2004. * 10mg of Vidastat is priced at $0. 40.

* 20mg of Vidastat is priced at $0. 60.

D. Advertising Audit

5. Market Expansion - the Unilab already introduced it is product throughout Southeast Asia particularly in Indonesia, Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

2. Product Development - the Unilab is offering healthcare goods such as multivitamins and nutrients (Enervon and Ceelin), frosty and influenza remedies (Decogen and Neozep), and pain and fever relief (Biogenic and Medicol). They also dominate the pharmaceutical drug market and makes and provides drugs which could combat infections, cardiovascular disease, bronchial asthma, and tuberculosis. And

2. Market transmission - in order to capture business, Unilab used Price transmission strategy or perhaps lowering of its prices. Also, Together with the usual testing and outlining conducted by sales team, merchandise symposia( just like speaking on the merits of Vidastat to a large number of doctors) were hosted simultaneously in all big hostipal wards to speak the low selling price of the item to target doctors....