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 Essay in True Communism


Communism begun by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

They desired to end capitalism feeling it turned out the interpersonal class system that generated the fermage of workers.


Communism is a form of presidency where almost everything is shared equally using citizens. Everybody earns the same wage no matter position, no-one can owns real estate but the condition, and everyone lives at an identical level. No-one is poor, No one can be rich.... most middle category.

In short, no one can run his / her own organization because the express owns everything.

Communism in eastern The european countries collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s against a background of failure in order to meet people's financial expectations.

Standard problems with communism:

Lack of Inspiration. People all work similar hours and are also paid precisely the same no matter how hard or well they operate.

No Independence.

No Title of nearly anything.

takes away human freedom. Guy is born totally free no one has the right to remove that liberty.

countries having communism:

countries which have the reds today will be:

2. China

2. Vietnam

* North Korea

* Laos

North Korea and Barrica are the closest to true communism and about the remaining countries, you can declare they are semi-Communist. The reason is that they are really embracing /adopting free market principles. Nonetheless they still have Communism treatment above many fundamental human privileges on several social issues.


Being a system of govt and economy it was a total failure. People who used to always be Communists happen to be rapidly changing to a fresh system that could put them in power once again.