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 Essay going to Kill A Mockingbird and Harper Lee

Harper Lee's life had a big influence on her behalf novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Shelter based her novel on her life. The characters, placing, and the central conflict was basically influenced by her life. Harper Lee's life influenced the characters, establishing, and central confict of her new To Kill a Mockingbird.

The heroes in the novel were based within the people Harper Lee knew throughout her life. Relating to an content entitled " Harper Lee” Encyclopedia of world biography, Harper Lee's father served in the The state of alabama State Legislature. Within the same article additionally it is noted that Lee's mom had the middle name of Finch (" Harper Lee”). In the story the family's last name is Finch and the model of Atticus who was encouraged by Lee's father.

The setting in the new was based on where Harper Lee was raised and grew up to be what she is today. Based on the article entitled: " Harper Lee” Great American Writers: Twentieth Century, Shelter was encouraged by where she were raised to write her novel. Based on the novel Scout was born in Maycomb, The state of alabama.

The central conflict in the novel is definitely the Tom Johnson case which has been inspired by the " Scottsboro case”. In accordance to an article entitled: " Scottsboro case” American Killing (2008) Mayonaise, Mike, nine black guys were offender of raping 3 white women. As well within the same article, the Scottsboro brothers were imprisoned and some freed. The connection in the novel is usually when Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell.

So , Harper Lee's lifestyle influenced the novel plus the lives more who have examine it over these many years.