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 Evergreen: Administration and Exclusive Business Business Essay


I talk about the other alternative option:

the scenario here is focus on the Arugula restructure to turn into a unique organization entity with Evergreen.

So there are some advantages as difficulties.

Starting from the huge benefits we are focused on:

Centralized system of control;

Development of the Evergreen brand in several zone, in comparision for the previus scenario; Potential superb income and more customers;

In the opposite area there should be a few challenges:

Requires change of mentality for Arugula managers;

Data series for management knowledge;

Restructure of company Hierarchy


Today we go on to the multi-attribute chart that provide us a brief summary and overview about the alternatives and criterias to better understand the case research and its problems.

Step 1 : We certainly have list criteria on one axis and the alternate actions one the other side of the coin axis.

Step two: We give a weight to each requirements reflecting its relative importance on the concluding decision.

Step 3: After getting a review of the analysis, all of us rate every single alternative to each criterion, utilizing a scale of one to five, with one representing inadequate and five representing extremely good.

Step four: Multiply weight load assigned to each criterion by given scores to each alternative on each issue.

You have to underline the way the two alternatives reach nearly the same effect, infact for all of us there isn't a unique clear and perfect solution regarding this case yet there need to be some implementantions to the technique. ------------

Just like:

Convert Arugula to a " flat” hierarchy structure from its previous structure; Get key information about Arugulas' stores and sales to implement Evergreen's " Knowledge Management”; Determine ideal human resources necessities ( like enhance the attention around the customers ); Create a specialist and functioning relationship with past-Arugula managers and workers;...