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The items They Transported is a book composed of a lot of short battle stories told about by the writer and primary character Tim O'Brien Within every story,  O'Brien's rhetorical strategies, narrative technique, and thematic techniques are used to exhibit the impact and have absolutely the deeper meaning of war on the soldiers of Vietnam. In particular, the brief story, Lover of the Tune Tra Bong, O'Brien retells a story told by among his other soldiers, Verweis Kiley. Kiley was positioned in the small town of Tra Bong together with the Green Beret. An American young lady, Mary Anne, was imported into the community by her fellow partner Mark Fossie, a medic at the camp. Mary Bea becomes engrossed and infatuated with the lifestyle of the Green Berets and her modification illuminates being a  loss of innocence and purity. Martha Anne becomes accustom for the war existence, and becomes a reflection from the change war does to a solider.  Tim O'Brien uses metaphor, symbolism, and forecast in Lover of the Tune Tra Bong to reveal the important thing theme of the story, the loss of innocence. As Mary Anne occurs to medic camp, the lady appears to be naïve and unaware about what your woman got their self into. " Mary Bea would simply smile and stick out her tongue. ” She's introduced as a sign of chastity, with her " uptempo personality”, the boys were envy, but knew that during Mary Anne's stay, her life will change staying in the conflict environment. " There's the scary component. I assurance you, her will most defiantly study. ” Tim O'Brien noting that the men know Jane Anne will gain details about something foreshadows to her chastity being tainted. Mary started to " pick up on things fast” and by the finish of the second week the lady had her hands in helping with the casualties. " The lady stopped using jewelry; minimize her locks... Hygiene became a matter of small sequence”.  Mary Anne arrived being a young innocent girl although by the end of the story, the girl became submerged into the life of the Viet manse jungle. She separates from Mark and travels with the Green Berets to be on an...