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In the semi-autobiographical poem, ‘The Story of Lost Friends', Ruskin Relationship chronicles all of the important situations in his lifestyle which lead to friendship being created and then broken. In this poem he narrates a brief account of his childhood, of promises kept and busted, friends produced and lost, joy and sorrow, set against the war years in India. The poem depends on him located on the edge of the railway- cutting, looking for someone among the numerous people in the station and reminiscing. He remembers his dad, his very first friend and companion. He discusses the time once his daddy took him among the ruins of outdated forts and palaces, regarding the times this individual spent, along with his father. He relives the day when his father advised him that he would have him to England when the war was over. ‘But wars will never be over and I possess yet to attend England…'. The first guarantee ever made to him was broken as his father died, and he was delivered to live with his mother, who have lived with her new husband. Pertaining to the poet person, the happy times were above. At the station, no one possibly came to pick him, and he roamed about, trying to find his mom. When he finally saw her, he was provided the excuse that the girl thought the train was late. His parents were social family pets, regularly departing him exclusively at home with only his baby brother and servants to get company. For lack of activity, he stored reading ebooks and his father's letters again and again. Finally, to combat his loneliness, he climbed up a guava tree of stealing some guavas, where he met another son. Initially, that they fought above the guavas, although later that they became close friends. Together they used to check out the town, and one such query, they found a pool area where they will promised that after they were raised, they would meet up with each other, presently there. However , this kind of, would be an additional broken promise. The poet remembers your day when they went to watch a movie, and since it had been late he stayed at his pal's house. It absolutely was the most happy day of his your life....