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 Essay about The Both roman Of A Occupied Broker Analysis

п»їThe Romance of the Busy Broker by O. Henry

Short story


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The story under analysis was written by the american writer O. Henry, whose real name was William Sydney Porter. His short stories are known for their very own wit, wordplay, warm characterization and ingenious twist endings. O. Henry wrote regarding ordinary people: sales person, policemen or waitresses, many of his tales take place in New York. The title in the story is usually suggestive, since we can predict that the history will be about the love and feelings of the extremely busy broker. It is the history about a active town, by which there is no moment for rest and getting satisfaction from life -- this is the key idea of the written text. The problem increased by the author is the romantic relationship between two very different people - an extremely busy member of staff and his partner who is the opposite of her hubby but who have loves him very much. The author`s concept is that persons should take more time together not simply just operating, because they can forget or miss very important incidents in their life. This topic is incredibly actual currently. Talking about the setting with the story - the event occur in a global electric power city New York. The whole event takes place during just one working day, exactly the early morning time. This can be a broker's workplace with a busy office regimen every day. Since it is the whole history we can see most logical regions of it. " The Romance of a Occupied Broker" does not have any introduction, this starts with an exposition, where the main heroes (Pitcher -- a comfortable clerk and Harvey Maxwell - a broker) and the place of the big event (an office) are provided. Then goes author`s liaison with the progress the events. We come across the author′s presentation of a busy broker′s day which consists of a serious attack of buzzing of telephone, the thronging men in the office, the jumping sales person who are like the sailors during a tornado. It is like hurricanes, landslides, snowstorms,...