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Rich Tolbert

Lisa Hamilton

December 7, 2012

Dual Registration Literature

The Necklace Evaluation

Have you ever wanted to become rich yet at the time you couldn't become and will do anything to look like you were? Guy de Maupassant writes about who women named Mathilde which wished to live lifespan which the lady was out of her means. Inside the short history, " The Necklace” simply by Guy de Maupassant, he uses the symbol of a necklace, characterization, and foreshadowing to describe a lady who planned to live the high life though she couldn't afford it. Maupassant uses the symbolism of the diamond necklace to express wealth when actually it's a imitation. The precious stone necklace in such a case represents cash and joy. Maupassant publishes articles, " Your woman was the lovliest woman present, elegant, graceful, smiling, and quite above herself with happiness” (Maupassant). She simply felt by doing this when the girl had the necklace which reiterates what I previously explained. The fact that Mathilde spoken to Dame Forestier eventually and the girl said " It was worth at the incredibly most five hundred francs... ” (Maupassant) is extremely ironic and funny. The girl wasted a decade of her life spending so much time for a high priced diamond pendant when your woman could have simply been honest with her friend and gave her 500 tendu to replace the fake pendant. The portrayal of Mathilde is very important and direct. The first word is direct about the smoothness of Mathilde by saying, " The girl was among those pretty wonderful girls born” (Maupassant). The reader can consider from this initially sentence that she was beautiful, enchanting, and not fit for the indegent life. The first sentence in your essay for the second paragraph says, " The lady suffered endlessly, feeling himself born for each and every delicacy and luxury” (Maupassant). Guy does this on purpose to say Mathilde is convinced she is only made for the finer things in life and the high life. She gets the thought the poor and hard doing work life is not for her. To add on to her mindset, after receiving a high priced...

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