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 Essay about The Matter of Exploitation of Animals

п»їA growing number of individuals feel that pets should not be used by persons and that they must have the same privileges as human beings, while others argue that humans need to employ family pets to satisfy all their various requirements, including purposes of food and research. Discuss both sights and give your opinion

In the last few decades, the exploitation of animals (it) has become a couple of concern. В (to stop the exploitation of animals). Some individuals are with the opinion that animals own same importance as human beings whereas other folks think animals should be used to meet the needs. This kind of essay will discuss equally views and I will conclude with my personal idea. We are residing in a highly civil society that is why it is vital to take care of animals like human beings. Studies have revealed that animals possess feelings and it is painful for these people when one of their group members is usually killed as a result of human activity. (ies. ) For instance, In India, people kill elephants for making jewellery from their teeth which is absolutely improper and therefore this type of brutality has to be completely halted. We are unable to deny the truth that medical science offers (been ) developed a lot through the experiments on family pets. Doctors and scientists have created many drugs to treat human being diseases. Not just that they have played important role in the production (to create variety) of food, outfits and cosmetic makeup products. However , in the past we have utilized (employed) animals for each of our ends (to match the needs) because of lack of technology. Nowadays, we are able to generate successful medicines through herbs and in addition human stem cells of (human body system ) happen to be ( being) used for research purposes. Therefore, animals do not need to suffer anymore to fulfil our requirements. To conclude, it can be apparent that individuals need to end the exploitation of family pets as we can easily avoid that with our modern tools. To stop that altogether it needs the joint efforts and consolidation of the government and people. In my view, we should consider rapid methods...