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The making of the writer, Rich Wright

In Richard Wright´s autobiography Dark Boy Wright describes his life coming from a very small boy to his early on twenties. He gives us a good perspective on what it is like to be a black person in the 1920´s. But not simply that, he gives all of us a very good point of view on what it is like to end up being an individual. How did Wright become a writer? What occasions in this publication described for what reason Wright started to be a writer? Wright discovers the potency of words for a young age group and is a rebellious very little kid. This individual kills the cat over one among his father´s careless remarks, " Destroy that really thing”, " Do anything, nevertheless get it far from here”. This individual gets consumed in a pub and begins whispering terms he does not know to many of the females in the bar, ".. to get a penny or nickel, I would personally repeat to anyone what ever was whispered to me”. He produces bad terms he learns from his classmates upon almost all the windows inside the neighborhood , and without knowing what they indicate. And when his grandma can be cleaning his ass he admits that to her, " When you get through, kiss backside there”. The moment Wright gets new words and phrases and expressions he uses them just before knowing what they mean. It is just like you could provide him a detonator to a blast and he would push the button before asking the actual button was for. Yet after all the punishment he gets for the events he learns slowly and gradually that this individual need to think before speaking. It is not only from his relatives that this individual learns that, it is mainly strangers. Just like when he was out on delivery for the product store wonderful bike brakes. Some white folks give him a ride back in town, Wright says yes. When they provide him a drink he says " Oh, no”. He gets a whiskey bottle smashed between his eyes. The white guy says " Nigger, ain´t you learned no better sense´n that yet”. ”Ain´t you discovered to say friend to a white man yet”. Wright knows little by little that words happen to be " weapons” and you obtain punished in the event you " shoot” the wrong person.

Wright learns the strength of words the tough way with beating...