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 Essay about The Characteristic Experience

1 . " The only complete essential factor is that change is fond of a process rather than a function. ” Discuss. The above statement talks to the fact that:

a) Organization re-engineering looks at the business as a whole instead of a particular department in order to establish how a functional operations can be amalgated to improve the business enterprise and give the company a competitive edge. b) Inorder to accomplish a defined organization outcome a collection of logically related tasks must be performed. These types of tasks will be termed operations. c) Change is constant. It is not a once away project that may be taken up on the defined time period. We stay in a changing environment therefore the need to reevaluate the changing business conditions and match or exceed that. d) Business re-engineering should concentrate on processes rather than be restricted to thinking about the agencies.

2) ‘Change was preemptive competitive reach in the Trademark experience. ” Discuss.

A preemptive competitive strike is a strategy that protects an organization against potential loss upon market share by simply strengthening the company's position with new products and also other tactics.

The concept that is highlighted previously mentioned is to strike before is attacked and be proactive in one's way. The case examine clearly illustrates the fact that Hallmark's re-engineering process had not been in response to the external risk. To quotation, " Hallmark was the only company that was undertaking just fine because it decided to re-engineer – not really in response to the life-threatening trouble but in a farsighted work to keep this kind of problems out of your company's future”.

It is even more stated in the text that Characteristic dominates the market and it looks no risk from non-US competitors.

Therefore in order to ensure future durability and gain a competitive advantage Characteristic saw the requirement to take up re-engineering.

3) What style of main change was Hallmark trying to find?

Hallmark was looking to replace the product life cycle time, merchandise lead period, communication and broaden the item range. a) The connection between Hallmark and the distributors and retailers was late. This affected the sales forecasts which will spilt over to production. Trademark was sluggish to respond to promote demand to extent that popular products would only hit the cabinets after the customers had looked for alternatives which led to slowing moving products and embrace inventory. This factor as a result hampered on the product lead time. b) It took lengthy to manufacture a merchandise and put this on the shelf on the market. Departments managed in silos and the process took time. Departments took time making decisions and instead of work as a team, when the product from the hands of the other department it will be not longer be all their responsibility to guarantee the completion of the item thus 0the increased product lifecycle time. c) Buyers required variety thus the pressure about Hallmark to broaden the merchandise range. The distribution programs also increased thus the requirement to cater for more retailers. 4) What skill set was needed by Hallmark to make alter a success? It is vital for Managing and change group leader to possess strong modify management skills for a organization to move by using a successful alter. The modify management abilities include;

Management development- To get individuals to believe in you

Marketing and sales ability- To market your circumstance to change

Connection skills- To assist build support for the choice to change A good understanding of the psychological and emotional associated with change Specialized skills- consider ownership for the overall change design, creation and successful implementation. 5) How important was information technology to Hallmark and just how would you suggest them within this issue? Technology is a significant enabler for brand spanking new forms of working and working together within an corporation and throughout organizational boundaries. This is proved by the fact that Hallmark were required to 260 of the...