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The Defense of Mrs. Debbie Good. Mrs. Sarah Very good, wife of honest laborer William Very good, has been falsely accused of rehearsing witchcraft and tormenting Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, and Elizabeth Hubbard. A compilation of so-called " evidence” has been helped bring fourth, and also witness tales. Mrs. Good has been questioned, and features answered the truth is, though it seems like to me that perhaps the great people of Salem need more effective, so that we might not discover ourselves with another harmless woman losing at the pyre. These testimonies are the ones from a pair of kids, with minds easily changed and abused, and Mrs. Good was nowhere close to these children at the time of said torment. The last evidence on her innocents is that the symptoms that we so earnestly look after as witchcraft may indeed simply be some type of illness. These children, who all have experienced much stress, could very easily been mistaken in their tales. The four of them have already been through very much, it is not unreasonable that they might all make a mistake, or maybe they simply are adopting a opinion of another, perhaps someone of influence. They will clearly mentioned that it was Mrs. Good who have tortured all of them, yet they said no mention of Mrs. Osborne until after Mrs. Great mentioned her, which I in person find alternatively curious to put it lightly. Now, I really do not say that this couple is laying, but it is not hard to receive wrapped up in the fear and the hate, and the concepts of the standard populous. An obviously large gap generally seems to lie in their story, that we shall elaborate on immediately. Mrs. Sarah Very good, on multiple occasions was reported being nowhere nearby the children throughout their periods of " torture”. Her area at the time of the torments was reported by trustworthy members from the community, or else it didn't be considered valid evidence by the community. We now consider Debbie Osborne to also be a conspirator in this...