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The film was about Edmond Dantes seeking revenge because he was falsely charged of treason by his jealous closest friend Fernand Mondego who was madly in love with Edmond's fiancé Mercédès. It all occurred first after they ask Napoleon Bonaparte for help since their chief is in bad condition. Napoleon asks to offer the page to a certain gentleman in Marseille. In their go back to Marseille, Fernand accused Edmond for treason and was sent to Chateau d'If in which he was exiled for years. Edmond met a priest that was locked up for not being aware of where his Count's bundle of money was concealed. The priest taught him economics, materials, statistics, beliefs, mathematics and much more. While looking through the tunnels, the grotte gave-in making the priest mortally wounded, the priest tells Edmond where he concealed the count's treasure then simply died quickly. The jail guards however the body in to a body handbag, Edmond swaps the priest's dead body then simply hid himself in the bag and was thrown in the sea. He achieved Jacopo in a deserted tropical isle. Jacopo helped Edmond recovered the cherish on the island of Monte Cristo. Edmond swore revenge upon those who betrayed him, including Mercédès. While using treasure he had, Edmond became the Count number of Bosque Cristo. This individual successfully killed his initially mate, the magistrate and his best friend Frenand but could not kill Mercédès. Edmond returned to Enclos d'If to pay his respect and thanks to the priest and guarantees to give up on revenge.

I understand now why it was JP Rizal's favorite book. Although the film was quite short in comparison to the book, it was detailed enough to make the viewers understand. Costly action jam-packed adventure powered movie with a unique appreciate story which usually made me interested and ask for more. He practically fooled everyone except Mercédès but produced a mistake simply by saying the name " Edmond Dantes” which Mercédès didn't refer to it to him.

The movie made me realize to value friendship even more, throw aside jealousy and become contented of what he had. We are meant for...