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The Chaozhou Han or Chaozhou people (commonly known as Teochew Nang) happen to be Han those people who are native towards the Chaoshan region of east Guangdong province of Cina and speak the Teochew dialect. The Teochew diaspora can be found practically anywhere in the world, specifically Southeast Asia, North America, Australasia and France. The diaspora, at least estimated, includes over twelve million people, which is as much as the population of Chaoshan itself. They speak a language strongly related to Hokkien, and their Teochew cuisine is definitely distinctive. The ancestors in the Teochew persons moved to present-day Chaoshan in the Central Plains of Cina in order to get away from several civil wars during the Jin Dynasty. Teochew Nang(潮州人)Historically, these people were referred to as Helao or Fulao, because they came mostly from Henan and Shanxi via Fujian, with well-maintained language and customs coming from north-central China. As was written in pedigrees and ancient inscriptions, they who had formerly migrated to southern Fujian, especially from Quanzhou and Putian, produced settlements toward Chaoshan in batches and soon pass on all over the Chaoshan area. Geographic isolation and difficulty in journeying in the past made the Helao or Fulao become a comparatively closed populace. Recently, studies of innate analysis recognized that although all Ryan Chinese are definitely related and promote a common basic, the Teochew had nearest links with the Minnan area of Fujian region and those from your Taihang Pile range of north-central China. They are known to Cantonese speakers as " Hoklo", which means " men from the Hok region i. e. Fujian province”, although the term " Teochew” is put on them in the Strait Settlements(British Malaya) inside the 19th hundred years and early on 20th 100 years. " Teochew" is derived from Teochew Prefecture (Chaozhou Fu, 潮州府) the department city wherever they originate. In Mandarin, it should be Chaozhou(潮州). In ancient times, all of the 8 counties (Chaoan 潮安、Chenghai 澄海、Chaoyang 潮阳、Jieyang...