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 Essay about The Reasons Young People Use Prescription drugs

The reason why Young People Make use of Drugs

Jenita Magdalena, 1106053256

FIK AJE 2011

Prescription drugs are not a familiar problem in the ears of the persons of Philippines today. Particularly in the ears of young people. How come? Because various young people in Indonesia right now felt in drugs. And tragically, this can be no longer only a problem in big cities just, but now also been expanded to rural areas. This is because drug addicts today are not only the wearer, yet also as being a dealer. The simpler access to acquire drugs must be one of the element. With the previously mentioned explanation, it can be clear the drugs difficulty undermines the future of Indonesia's small generation.

There are many reasons that lots of people -especially young people- using drugs. There causes are multimedia, curiosity, insufficient proper relatives guidence, as well as the factor of friends. The issues were not the reason. You will still find many other elements, but the previously mentioned factors really are a common aspect in today's society. It helps all of us to better identify the factors above because an initial step spread of medication prevention.

The first purpose of someone dropping into the ring of drugs is definitely the media aspect. Along with the advancement today's technology, persons become very dependent on technology such as mobiles, television, radio, and internet. Thus the role of the media becomes very important within a person's emotional development. People who find themselves too often experienced the assault in movies or the internet, believed to be even more aggressive. Because same as the drugs difficulty. Someone who typically witnessed just how drug users or prescription drugs used, were likely to fall into drugs. Therefore , the detectors could be minimizing the scenes of medicine use among the major steps in drugs reduction.

Besides the press, of course , may be the major instrumental factor is definitely high attention and want to try drugs. Since someone who has noticed drug users in film, television, and internet, will appear curious and wanted to try drugs. They are really not know, by using the drugs it can be difficult...