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" The Bluest Eyesight

Almost everywhere we go there are going to be stereotypes that can impact us within our daily lives. Even stereotypes from years ago are still occasionally present today. For years Black blue-eyed plaything was considered as the best and most perfect present for every little girl. For this time period it was regarded as perfect but many girls would not have the features that the toy had. This in some cases might affect minority's, who would come to think that their features such as darker skin, and nappy curly hair were unsightly. In " The Bluest Eye", Claudia a little girl receives just a little white toy for Christmas. In obtaining this girl doll Claudia implies that receiving one of these dolls will not make just about every little girl content. In this history Claudia obtains a White doll to get Christmas and describes it as a scary blue-eyed yellow-colored haired girl doll. Her parents were expecting Claudia to be very happy and treat the white girl doll with care. The other of that which was expected occurred; she demonstrated hatred and violence against the doll. This is a concern as to why she revealed such unwell feelings toward this toy. Claudia analyzed the doll wondering the actual world thought was thus pretty regarding this doll, before she destroyed it. Her actions represent that the lady was envious and almost inferior about their self. This story took place inside the early 70's when Africa Americans were still oppressed and white people were regarded a superior becoming. This can make clear some of the emotions that this young lady was feeling, and reveals her adverse reaction toward white plaything and even white colored girls. " Dismembering the dolls had not been the fear. The really horrifying point was the transference of the same impulses to little white girls", this shows the long lasting affects a situation similar to this can have on a young daughter. It can result in a low self-esteem for themselves and hatred to other white colored girls. This can lead to verbal and even physical abuse, which is something slightly girl really should not be thinking...