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Teenage life in the year 1950s

Before the 1950s human among childhood and adulthood had been called kids, boys and girls. But is not until the 1950s there needed to be a word that described these types of young people, the phrase " teenager' was developed.

The surge of tv set offered a uniform vision of lifestyle and accomplishment. What was viewed on TV became the norm, especially for young people. New music genres likewise emerged in the 1950s. All of these elements helped change the outlook of young people. One of the most influential vocalists of the 1950s was Elvis (umgangssprachlich), whose " ducktail" new hair-do, black slacks and open-necked shirts sparked a new pattern in fashion. Young adults listened to ordinary 'n' roll music upon 45-rpm record players and transistor radios, and began to assert all their independence from other parents. The 1960s noticed social unrest and an emphasis on civil rights and ending physical violence. The music of these decade considerably influenced teens that designed their own hippie sub-culture, also known as " sexual intercourse, drugs and rock 'n' roll. "

Popular music indicated that America's children held any in fashion with such strike songs because " Light Sports Coat” and " Blue Soft Shoes. ” However , persons aged 15-21 were overlooked by shops and were expected to outfit like their older alternative. This was authentic despite the fact that teenagers had a good deal of throw-away cash during those times. Fashion designers sold complete skirts and stiff petticoats, or a super-slim skirt and sweater with bows. Tight pedal drivers or capri pants were popular leisure time wear and jeans (which in the 1950s had been called dungarees) were turning into acceptable after people did find a photo of Marilyn Monroe wearing a set. Young men wore a tee shirt, tie and sharply pushed slacks. In the event that you where the edgy type, however , you put on dark garments all the time, rejected to iron anything and were simply generally seeking rough purposely (these were known as greasers). People definitely dressed up exceptional for formal events. For...