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In the perform The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams uses many signs which stand for the lives of the character types and the lives of his family. Most of the symbols found in the perform symbolize escape and illusion. This dissertation will individualise and analyse the icons, and will make an effort to connect these other emblems. Many of the icons only display on the set, such as the a glass menagerie and the fire break free. Williams does this in order to give to us a better knowledge of the enjoy before the show has possibly started. The fire escape is a crucial symbol for Tom because he uses this to escape from your imprisonment of his home. He cannot stand being inside the apartment and tries to receive out as frequently as possible, even if that means going to the warehouse that he loathes. Another mark is the a glass menagerie. This symbolises Laura's fragility, showing that in the event " you breathe [on her], it (she) breaks”. Additionally, it shows Laura's childlike attributes, playing with the menagerie when ever she is raise red flags to, favouring one of her a glass animals. Laura's limp is usually an interesting image. The sagging implies that Laura can't continue with her life, moving away from the time your woman was impaired, because she thinks that she aren't do anything which slightly difficult for her. The family by itself is a symbol of the family that Williams acquired. He is putting them as character types because this " memory play” that Ben describes, is within actuality Williams' memory. The fireplace escape also offers an element of paradox to it, because though Tom attempts escape his responsibilities, he always returns down, returning from the make an effort of freedom. Laura, alternatively, feels the opposite way to Tom mainly because she desires to escape the outside world and stay inside the apartment where she gets security, such as when your woman tells her mother that she got left college because the girl was stressed, or when she informed Jim that her splint made a " clumping” sound that was since loud since " thunder” to her. The first image, presented inside the Tom's introductory speech,...