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Green Building

A Guide to Sustainable Building Supplies and Methods in Santa Cruz Region

Funded through waste reduction grants from the City and County of Santa Cruz Departments of Public Performs, and in assistance with Ecology Action.

Green Building: A Guide to Sustainable Building Materials and Methods in Santa Cruceta County В© 2004, Ecology Action of Santa Jones Principal Authors: Barry Hooper & Karsten Mueller, Ecology Action Manager & Kiosk/Graphic Designer: Jenny Shelton, Shelton Design

Stand of Items

General Requirements

Introduction to Green Building Construction Waste Lowering Recycled Content material Materials Reusable, Recyclable, & Biodegradable Materials Deconstruction two 4 5 6 six

This report, which offers an extensive introduction to green building materials and waste materials reduction strategies, was funded through waste reduction grants or loans from the County and Associated with Santa Cruceta Departments of Public Works. A basic summary of environmental things to consider and a plan of environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional tactics are included, as well as helpful further research. For additional details, and to observe samples of many of the sustainable building materials and methods found in the guidebook, visit the area preparing departments and browse the educational kiosks on display there. This project was made possible through generous advantages of funding, time and materials from various organizations, above all the Region of Santa claus Cruz Departments of General public Works and Planning, Associated with Santa Cruz Departments of Public Functions and Organizing & Community Development, and Ecology Action. Many thanks to Ana Helen Rebelo, Dick Stubendorff, Jane Arman, and Virginia Johnson. Thank you, visitor, for your interest. We hope to inspire your interest and collaboration to support green building in our location, conserve kinds of living conditions, strengthen our economy, and create a healthy and balanced community.


Grading & Paving Reference Efficient Scenery 8 being unfaithful

Structural Elements

Earthen Building Materials Straw Bale Development Concrete Concrete floor Formwork Pervious Concrete Protected Structural Devices Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) Structural Protected Panels (SIPs) Advanced Framing Techniques Wood & Engineered Wood FSC Certified Real wood 10 eleven 12 12 13 13 14 15 16 seventeen 17

Outside Elements

Products & Fencing Recycled Plastic Lumber Roofing Metallic Roofing Recycled-Content Roofing Green (" Living”) Roofs Exterior Reclaimed Wooden Siding Dietary fiber Cement House Insulation Home windows 19 nineteen 20 twenty-one 21 24 25 twenty-five 25 26 27

Home Elements

Gypsum Wall Table Homasote Tile Bamboo Gotten back Hardwood Carpeting Linoleum Natural Earthen Floor Paint All-natural Wallcovering Vinyl Maintenance & Cleaning Items Adhesives, Staining & Sealants 28 twenty eight 29 35 30 23 32 33 34 thirty five 35 thirty eight 37 37

Equipment and Plumbing

Devices & Workplace Equipment Water-Efficient Fixtures Sun Photovoltaics Unaggressive Solar Style 39 forty 41 41


Green Building Register 42 Illustrated Building Section of Materials twenty two

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Introduction to Green Building

Green Building Approaches and Materials are Resource Efficient: • Durable • Salvaged intended for reuse, refurbished, remanufactured, or perhaps recycled • Easily recyclable or reusable when not needed anymore • Manufactured from a waste (such while straw or fly ash) or a waste-reducing process • Sustainably gathered from replenishable resources • Minimally manufactured and/or wrapped with recyclable packaging • Able to lessen or eliminate the need for an additional material (e. g., -panel construction, or perhaps finished cement flooring) • Locally extracted and prepared • Energy efficient in use • Use less energy in extraction, control, and travel to the work site (low embodied energy) • Create renewable energy • Water-efficient • Manufactured with a waterefficient process

What is a Green Building Material?

The ideal building material may have no negative...