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п»їStephen, Full, The Jogging Man, United states of america: Signet 1982

English Log 1

Pg. 1-64

At the beginning of the new it takes all of us through the daily routine of Bill Richards. It shows how bleak his life is and begins to reveal the split between the abundant and the poor. Richards points out that " every development had" (1) a free-vee and that " it was the law" (1) which implies that the online games network is practically forcing their particular idea of satisfactory which is pushing their contemporary society to adapt to it. This explains the troubles that Richards is definitely facing and becomes obvious that there is zero help pertaining to him. This helps to develop the theme that society is essentially divided and not just by wealthy and poor but as well by black and white. This individual develops his theme by simply showing Richards point of view which gives us several insight about why culture is so generally divided. Richards is displaying watching a television show which is called " Treadmill machine to Bucks" which is a video game where people who have lung conditions must managed with a fitness treadmill. As it clarifies in the book " they agree to only long-term heart, liver, or lung patients" (2). This proves the point that in King's version for the future the abundant become richer and the poor only become ridiculed and must improve their money. Ruler develops his theme by using Richards humor and sarcastic remarks towards games business workers just like when he tells the nurse " Have a shower, child. You completed good. " (32). This kind of shows his distaste for the world they are in and how the games organization controls everything. Richards complies with a man called Jimmy Laughlin and begins to realize that it is not necessarily only him facing these kinds of problems and starts to notice that there are plenty of people going through the daily have difficulty of lifestyle. Richards pertains with this man because they are both decrease class persons fighting because of their lives which usually once again relates back to the divide in society. Because they introduce the Running Man to Richards I began to realize that this game show takes decrease class folks who need the funds and show them as crooks just for entertainment purposes. This kind of showed me that world really can control how people think and can screw you over minus money which usually represents both equally themes which in turn would be that society is definitely the strongest figure and that world is largely divided. As those are the two most visible themes available there is one more that seems to me that is certainly there will always be hurdles in life however you will always overcome them. This kind of theme begins to emerge because Richards points out his lifestyle to us by declaring his better half is a prostitute and that his daughter includes a fatal health issues while he remains jobless and the friends and family remains poor.

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Stephen, King, The Jogging Man, Us: Signet 1982

English Diary 2

pg. 64-128

With this section of the novel Richards begins his run and starts to fend for his life. When ever Richards is introduced to the group the concept of society being the strongest personality in the novel is very apparent. It becomes visible when these people have no idea who Richards is but yet that they boo him because the online games network explained he was an undesirable person. Inside the novel the audience members say things like " Get out you slide! " (70) and " Kill him! " (70). By seeing this patterns you can see that society settings everything that goes on. Next Richards meets a new boy called Stacey who is a poor young man who is roaming the pavements late at nighttime. When this happens the introduction of the topic that world is so mainly divided in several aspects because it shows just one more poor relatives who happen to be struggling. As it says Stacey is " eight in March" (119) and he could be asking Richards to " toke up" (119) which usually proves that the boy is incredibly uneducated and the wrong way much like the additional poor youngsters in the community. Another of example of culture being the strongest figure in the book can be when Bradley see's Richards and requests him if perhaps he is " that person on the free-vee" (121) and...