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Marketing Characteristics

August 1, 2013

Starbucks Company Circumstance

1 . Describe how Starbucks in the beginning segmented and targeted the coffee market? * Starbucks at first segmented and targeted the coffee market by giving customers a " third place. ” Customers noticed Starbucks as being a place to escape from work, house, and etc. In no time, The Starbucks Experience started; giving personal service and appealing ambiance. The company was known in the coffee industry for superior brand, Starbucks Experience, and value. Starbucks initially appealed to traditional customers, that was wealthier, better educated, plus more professional than average American. Usually woman than men, Caucasian, and ranged involving the age of 24-44, whom was loyal, adored the lounging in the cafe, and the music.

2 . What changed initially, the Starbucks customer and also the Starbucks encounter? * I do believe the Starbucks experience transformed first as the company commenced opening normally nine new stores every single day and fascinated new customers, which in turn changed the caliber of the whole Starbucks Experience. Starbucks business technique was aimed at an undifferentiated marketing. Undifferentiated marketing quite simply meaning mass marketing, trying to appeal the service to the greatest number of buyers. A company can primarily concentrate on the common needs of a consumer rather than the several.

3. Is Starbucks' " value” positioning aimed towards a new sort of customer or perhaps appealing to existing customer types? * Starbucks " value” is aimed towards a new type of customer. Since Claire Cain Miller explained, " the new breed of consumer was significantly less affluent, much less educated, and less professional. ” As the unstable economic climate affected Starbucks, so did the growth of Starbucks. The expansion of Starbucks changed the evolution from the Starbucks customer. Loyal customers no longer considered Starbucks like a special place. It became a " hubbub, ” environment. New customers...