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Steinway & Sons: Craftwork, Tradition, and Time Build Grand Pianos Steinway & Sons is still one of the best-known producers of concert pianos in the world. Throughout its great history, the organization has shown a distinctive talent at innovation, while evidenced by its much more than 100 us patents, and is reputed for quality craftsmanship. In an age of mass development, Steinway continues to manufacture a small number of hand crafted pianos in a unique display of individual quality. However , several rival piano makers, just like Yamaha, have tried to challenge Steinway's prominence of the live performance piano industry. (1) May Steinway continue its appreciated ways, or will it ought to adjust to fresh circumstances?

A Long and Golden History

German migrant Henry Enghelhart Steinway founded Steinway & Sons in 1853. Henry was a learn cabinet developer who created his first piano in the kitchen of his home in Seesen, Philippines. Henry experienced built 482 pianos when he founded Steinway & Sons. The first piano produced by the corporation, number 483, was purcahased by a New York family intended for $500. It is currently displayed by New York City's Metropolitan Art gallery of Artwork. Steinway's unique quality became obvious early in the great the organization as tested by the winning platinum medals in several American and European displays in 1855. The company attained international acknowledgement in 1867 at the Paris, france Exhibition because it was granted the exclusive " Grand Gold Medal of Honor” for excellence in manufacturing and engineering. (2) Henry Steinway developed his pianos with emerging specialized and technological research, including the acoustical hypotheses of the well known physicist Herman von Helmhotz. Steinway was owned in the early 1970s by CBS, and many live show artists complained that the top quality of the pianos had experienced as a result of that ownership. Pianists talked in the " Teflon controversy, ” when Steinway replaced some fabric innards with Teflon (it now coats the Teflon with fabric). Steinway was distributed by CBS in 85,...