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Speed and Radius


For an object moving with uniform spherical motion, what relationship is available between the radius of the path as well as speed?


If the radius is increased, I believe that the speed will certainly decrease, offering speed as well as radius an inverse connection.


The variables with this lab will be the radius in the circular path, mass from the rubber stopper, mass with the hanging weight, number of revolutions, elapsed period, period, and speed.

Materials and Products

See webpage 245.


See web page 245.

Mass: 107 g

Time for twenty Spin Cycles (s)

Radius |Time you |Time a couple of |Average time (s) |Period (s) |Speed (m/s) | |20cm |7. 2 |7. 4 |7. 3 |0. 365 |3. 44 | |30cm |6. 7 |7. 2 |6. 95 |0. 3475 |5. 42 | |40cm |7. 4 |7. 4 |7. 4 |0. 37 |6. 79 | |50cm |9. 4 |8. 2 |8. 8 |0. 44 |7. 14 | |60cm |9. 6 |8. 8 |9. 2 |0. 46 |8. 20 | | Evaluation


Managed: Mass of hex nuts, number of rotates

Responding: Time

Manipulated: Radius

The force acting while the centripetal force from this lab is definitely tension, which can be caused by the law of gravity. Fg= mg. Fg= 1 ) 05 N. The speed varies with the radius of the line. The larger the radius, the slower the speed. My hypothesis was wrong. Although the period got longer, the speed likewise increased making it faster because the radius increased. In respect to my personal data, velocity and radius have an immediate relationship.

Acceleration and Centripetal Force


What is the partnership between centripetal force as well as the speed of a mass moving in a lateral circle?


If the centripetal force of your mass relocating a horizontally circle is increased, In my opinion that the velocity will also increase, giving speed and centripetal force an immediate relationship.


The variables in this laboratory are the radius of the round path, mass of the plastic stopper, mass of the hanging mass, volume of revolutions, passed time, period, and rate.

Materials and Equipment

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