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IJCSNS Foreign Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOLUME. 9 No . 2, Feb . 2009


Solving Travel Problem Applying Object-Oriented Model

Taghrid Vorbeter Gaber Elsharawy Mohamed Gomah Iman Samy

Department of mathematics, Faculty of technology El Azhar Unversity, Egypt We design and style Object-Oriented Model as decision support instrument to evaluate the perfect solution is for the five strategies using C++ language. Following designing the five models (the five programs) all of us compare among each remedy using C++programs and LP solution that have the same result. Comparison among different alternatives is done for selecting less worth of the goal function so that the user can make decision.


This paper is about solving travel problem using Operation Exploration (OR) way in evaluation and design phases and use C++ programming language to unit the problem. The results get hold of from both solutions will be compared help to make analysis and prove the object-oriented model correctness. We all proved that both the desired info is identical and have the same results when fixing the problem using the five strategies: northwest spot method; minimal cost approach; row minimum cost method; column minimal cost method, and Vogel's approximation approach.


Transportation version is a special type of dental appliance of networks problems that intended for shipping a commodity via source (e. g., factories) to locations (e. g., warehouse). Transport model cope with get the minimum-cost plan to transport a item from numerous sources (m) to range of destination (n). Let si is the range of supply devices required by source my spouse and i (i=1, two, 3……. m), dj may be the number of require units required at destination j (j=1, 2, 3….. n) and cij symbolize the unit vehicles cost for carrying the units from options i to destination m. Using geradlinig programming strategy to solve travel problem, all of us determine the value of objective function which decrease the cost for transporting and also identify the number of product can be carried from source i to destination j. If xij is number of units delivered from origin i to destination l. the equivalent linear programming version will be [5] The objective function

Key words:

Transport problem, Thready Programming (LP), objectoriented coding

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The first main goal is solving transportation difficulty using five methods of vehicles model simply by linear coding (LP). The 2nd main purpose is solving transportation problem by object-oriented programming. C++ programming terminology is used to get the solution. The results get hold of from both equally LP and objectoriented development solutions will be compared. The five techniques for solving Travel problem happen to be: 1 . Northwest Corner approach 2 . Minimum cost approach 3. Vogel's approximation method 4. Row Minimum Technique 5. Column Minimum Technique. This conventional paper introduces techniques for solving transport problem by C++ programming language; we all use circulation chart, algorithms and consider the importance of defining a problem sufficiently and what assumptions we may consider during the solution. Solving transportation problem by computer consists of serves of steps: specify the problem, analysis the problem and formulate a solution to solve this, describe the answer in the form of developed, draw a flow chart of the protocol, write the laptop program, put together and manage the program, evaluation the program and interpretation of results.

Be subject to for i=1, 2, ………….. m. for j=1, 2, ….. ………., n. And xij 0 for all i to j.

Manuscript received February five, 2009 Manuscript revised February 20, 2009


IJCSNS International Record of Pc Science and Network Security, VOL. 9 No . two, February 2009

Fig. 4. 1 Network representation in the transportation issue A travel problem is considered balanced in the event the total source from almost all sources means the total require in all spots made in that row or column. In the event that both a row and a column net to...

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