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Culture and Social StructureTrish Wilkinson

Key point that describes who we are is the lifestyle in which we are raised. Through the type of music we tune in to and the types of food that we take in, to the types of cars we travel and the approach that we decorate our homes. Material cultures are focused on these kinds of tangible points, whereas nonmaterial cultures concentrate less around the material and more on the cerebral and religious development of knowledge, religion and language.

No matter whether one enjoys a more materials culture or possibly a non-material lifestyle, a common language is essential in allowing all of us to speak our specific perceptions of reality, either verbally or perhaps nonverbally. Self-expression is as personal and as different as the individuals themselves and person reaction to social interactions happen to be symbolic with their significance. Yet , not all forms of self-expression are without effect. The norms of a tradition dictate precisely what is and is not really acceptable behavior and when rules are cracked, offenders tend to be punished. The severity of the punishment depend upon which severity from the crime, including looks of disapproval to actual penitentiary terms. The goal of most american cultures, and in particular Canada, is usually to maintain a peaceful and compassionate contemporary society. We are a polite culture, steeped in tradition of folkways and mores; highly regarded values that assist facilitate sociable order and change. Along with, oft instances " questionable' efficiency, hierarchy and very clear rules in our bureaucracy, all of us strive to balance the advantages and drawbacks to both the merchants and consumers. Of course , that all will depend on who you ask. The average layman will tell you the " reddish tape” can be confusing, annoying and a waste of precious time concerning seemingly unnecessary steps and loads of paperwork. In a ideal utopian culture, we would do well at managing the scales of electricity and justice. As it stands now, we frequently fall short of these goal. With such diversity in...