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 Essay about Smoking Trigger and Effect

Nader Ghopreal

ESL 55

June 28, 2013


Smoking Trigger and Effect All people have behaviors. Some people have negative or positive patterns. Smoking is usually one of these bad habits. Most smokers began smoking after they were small. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no-one starts cigarette smoking after era Twenty-five. Practically nine out of ten smokers started out smoking by age eighteen. They started out smoking to try it out after that smoking became a habit. Some young smokers were attracted by the advertisements of cigarette businesses. Also, they will wanted to appear like the movie superstars. Even though the reasons for smoking happen to be varied, the results are precisely the same. Smokers undergo illnesses, burning off beloved loved ones, and taking a loss. Smoking turns into a habit several reasons. Many of these reasons will be that pure nicotine is addicting. Another reason is smoking numerous cigarettes daily, and the feeling that comes from locating a cigarette between two hands or the feeling that comes from out of breath, short of breath smoking blow up and keeping it in their lung. Also, smokers become accustomed to cigarette smoking in specific situations just like when they watch movies, play games, visit particular web sites, or perhaps stressful occupation such as facing work concerns. In addition , most cigarette businesses search for what young people who smoke and are interested in; they use advertising, promotional activities, presentation, product style, sizing, fruit flavoring to attract new people who smoke and. For instance, when I was nineteen-years old, I saw my friend Frederick who was smoking cigarettes always taking note of Marlboro advertising campaign; he was contrasting the prices and promotions with other companies.