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SAR BA 411

Situation Research Report

Andrews C54976

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To Andrews C54976 Board of Directors,

This objective of this statement is to make clear our industry’s strategy, how effective we were in achieving the company's goals, and what changes we all will make for the company's technique to improve future operations. Also, this examination will focus on what competitive and economical factors affected our company's strategic desired goals. Strategy:

Andrews Company applied a broad cost leader strategy. Our designed goal was going to maintain a presence in all of the segments, continue to keep costs to minimum and give a substandard price pertaining to our items. By keeping costs such as R& D, material and production, our company should be able to maintain a competive benefit because of each of our ability to give you a lower price. Although we want to maintain a occurrence in all sectors, the traditional and low- end products profit the most using this strategy because the customer preference is the price range. More specifically, Andrews focused on the next area to stimulate progress: * Steering clear of emergency loans

2. Paying off debt to maintain an excellent credit to be able to finance progress * Target heavily for the Low-end section due to the customers preference 5. Limit expensive investments(R& D, capacity, automation) to ensure lower prices * Reduce material & labor costs with TQM

* Large accessibility pertaining to our goods

* Keep 75% consciousness in every segment to stimulate unit sales 2. Be risk adverse

Effectiveness of our stategy:

Appendix A displays the profits of Andrews by 2013-2021 and the growth of our stock cost over the years. As you can see Andrews have got effectively elevated profits stock price which fueled the stock cost as you can see similar relationship in growth.