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Should students be allowed to have cell phones in elementary and high schools?

Personally, I think students must be allowed to possess cell phones in elementary and high schools. However , My spouse and i don't imagine students should be allowed to rely on them during institution hours. It is very useful for students to have their phone after school when ever walking residence just in case of an emergency. There are many kids I understand that get scared to walk house but have no second option. There are also a few kids I understand that check out a friend's residence without requesting. Being worried to walk home seems strange could be, but , I know what this kind of feels like. Getting on the phone with my mom or perhaps friend helped me deal with my own fear also to overcome this. It is also good to have a phone on you while you are getting a trip with a friend. This is because you may call the parent and enable them know to save their very own gas. It's a win win situation at that point. If this were brought about elementary and high school children to have all their phones, In my opinion there would be less abduction's that end desperately. The reason I think this is because together with the new GPS DEVICE apps on most phones nowadays, parents can easily track their child as long as your child has their phone on them. My older sibling has pondered off with no my mother's permission and because of the AT& T relatives map GPS NAVIGATION; she was able to track her down. A lot of abduction's I have heard of occurred at a bus stop or when a child was walking home from school. Having a phone on them could have made it possible to look for them faster. I understand why the regulation stands regarding elementary and high school students without having phones in school. Yet, I think the rule should in order to protect the students from bad situations that may arise. Maybe allow the phones in the university, but , you can keep them put up until the end during. This way, our issues happen to be solved. Professors could train without being disrupted by cell phones. And the students... Should students be allowed to possess cell phones in elementary and...