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At my analysis of Sandwich Blitz, Inc. I've identified areas I believe Dalman and Legisla??o should emphasis their concerns in order to obtain the growth they really want. For Proper Planning, Dalman and Legisla??o should start by devising an idea to establish the company motto because the actual eye-sight and mission of Meal Blitz, Inc. With a crystal clear mission the objective of " branding" products can become reached. They should choose which usually of the important ingredients would be the first " brand" item to be released. Dalman and Lei should encourage their managers to consider the imitative in resolving problems small problems and brainstorming with one another for solutions to the major ones. Provide managers with an Operations Manual outlining almost all policy and procedures. This would free up Dalman to focus on company growth. Lei should assign the supervising of the daily accounting to the accountant to be able to enable her to focus on growth. A time shape of 3 to 7 years will need to be set in so that it will implement the program. For Technical Planning, Dalman and Lei should recruit the supervision team in identifying a client favorite in order to determine the merchandise to be introduced first. They need to also have every single manager build a 1 to 3 year sales and marketing plan depending on their target consumer and location in order to boost profits and overall branding. Training for almost all employee's will have to be provide these people the tools and training had to improve effectiveness, increase the company's overall sales, and methods to generate even more business through promotions and upselling. Dalman and Lei should also put into action target revenue goals and bonus constructions for all employees achieving the focus on goals. Intended for Operational Planning, All employees at each site will need to introduce the new goods by utilizing the methods learned in training. This will be done while maintaining the same quality of foodstuff and customer care expected each and every Sandwich Blitzlys, Inc. position. Team administrators should trail...