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Sample design and technique

each of our group decided to use a questionare because it is the simplest and most convenient way to survey the best number ofstudents. The questionare consists of 10 questions that asks regarding allowances and what they contemplate it. We chose 198 randomly students of the 545 4rth year college students in san beda college or university alabang as the participants of our the well-thought queries we generated for them. since the seniors would be the older students of the school, they are really more mature with ages including 15-18 meaning they have a higher chance of giving an answer to the inquiries properly making our job easier and reducing sample errors. whenever we survey we make sure we all only supply the questionares to seniors, to create shure, all of us will 1st ask or check their I. D. color to distinguish their recognized year level in order to not make misunderstandings since this thesis is especially made to gain knowledge for the seniors allowances only this means if a jr . comes giving an answer to our questionare our thesis would not become accurate. We will survey anywhere in university to lessen the time giving questionares, although preferably somewhere where there happen to be tables and chairs like ERV, whoopee, fior, classes or even the catalogue so that college students could response properly and seriously to boost the accuracy of our thesis. We will be surveying for 2 - 3 days and 1 whenever we are lucky..

Sampling Design and style

In our analyze, we choose questionnaire while research design as it can entails large sample size and portion of learners. Questionnaire is incredibly cost effective, target and easy to analyse. The questionnaire consists of 10 questions and completes in about 5 minutes to complete. It can be assigned to 50 organization studies students across the college or university. The customer survey are designed to identify the perception of TARC scholar on the co-curricular activities about academic performance. These students are at age 18 to 23 years outdated. These categories of students are involving in co-curricular activities...