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 Safe Haven Book Letter Composition


Dear Mrs. Polatsidis,

I actually am reading the story, Safe Haven, written by the author of 5 best-selling books, Nicolas Sparks. This kind of story happens in Southport, a city in Brunswick Nation, North Carolina. This can be imperative towards the story because Southport is normally a small area where everyone knows everybody. This kind of becomes crucial in the history because it will help all the heroes eventually connect with each other as soon as they are able to understand information from all other characters. This also helped Katie figure out how to love wherever she lives and gives her a sense of fulfillment of having a thing of her own, which is explained to you in part two, " it was the 1st time in her life that she a new place to phone her individual. ” This is very important and kind of gives a bit of background about Katie in the sense that developing up the lady didn't possess much which really symbolizes her starting over again. Surviving in a small area, many secrets aren't held which could potentially become a trouble for some from the main characters. For example , Katie really just isn't open with what her explanation is for going to Southport besides her saying again and again which is introduced as one of the 1st things states to Jo after she asks, " Why in the world would you do this? ” your woman isn't able to give Jo a real response. This provides you with the reader an atmosphere that the girl with hiding something and gets me stressed to continue to study. If I could change exactly where this account takes place, I actually probably didn't do so since the fact that that they live in a little unknown causes it to be even more interesting and raise curiosity individuals as to why one of the primary characters moved there.

To date in the story I have find out about twelve heroes. Some important, others not. The character which includes stuck in my mind the most is comfort store owner, Alex Wheatley. Alex not merely seems like an excellent person, he also is a good store-owner, a loving and caring father,...