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Polanski's Chinatown is a classic of 70's cinema, since it tells a tale of tough, due to greed and the politics issue with the drought in California. Jack Nicholson, whom superbly performs the character of Jack Gittes, is a private eye who investigates matters taking into consideration adultery. A lady by the name of Evelyn Mulwray insists that her husband is having an affair, asking for Mr. Gittes to learn the truth, while not until later on when the images of Mister. Gittes and a lady had been released into the media that he realises the lady was an imposter. Evelyn Mulwray who is performed by the distinguished, Faye Dunaway, plays a character that is psychologically unstable, though portrays himself as being solid and highly effective. Jack Gittes becomes fascinated with the mystery of the murder and the drinking water project, through which he starts to see gaps in the is being provided to him as he searches for answers. As he and widowed Evelyn expand closer, and so does the fact and a resolution. Through this Polanski maintains his visitors on their chairs, as they view this thriller, as they along with Jack port Gittes try to piece together the reality.

Polanski portrays the atmosphere of the period with sophistication, weaving music and a fantastic choice of settings to give the audience a feel of the time and traditions. The clothing, just, the constant behavior of smoking cigarettes gives a picture of La, California inside the 1940's and how it has evidently changed to this culture and society. Over the movie the viewer will be able to grasp quite a few issues that continue to be apparent today, particularly corruption and greed and the method by which people's decisions are affected by these people. The part and position of women is definitely pointed at throughout the film, with Mrs. Evelyn Mulwray acting like a figure of feminism, in freely having affairs and taking the reins when it was required of her. Her turning point in the film displays her durability as a woman, even though getting raped because of your own daddy would be mentally disturbing in every nature. Through this...