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 Essay about Religion Through Film

Faith is a common theme in many videos. Although it isn't very always straight seen, religious beliefs is often a fundamental part of a show plot. Frequently , a character can be shaped by his/her religious beliefs. In the movie Fools Dash In, the clashing of faith is seen as a significant theme. Isabel Fuentes is known as a character whom comes from a strict Mexican-American, Catholic along with is impregnated out of wedlock by a Protestant, metropolis business guy. When they plan to get married, they will realize precisely how hard will probably be to combine all their religions.

When the character Isabel found out she was pregnant, her biggest fear was telling her parents. She knew they can be disappointed in her because she was not hitched. Being Catholic, her father and mother believed pregnancy comes after a marriage. They believed that having a baby out of wedlock was a sin. In addition, she worried that her father and mother would not acknowledge the father of her baby, Alex Whitman, because he had not been Catholic. In fact , he scarcely practiced virtually any religion. Alex was raised in a loosely religious beliefs home. His parents are Simple, but usually do not practice any kind of religion purely. When these two decide to get married, both of their parents are below thrilled. They not only need to give up in traditions, but they also have to compromise in religion.

The drama from the joining of these opposites may be the strongest the moment their families meet up with. Alex requires his uncultured parents to see Isabel's Mexican family in the south of Nevada. Whenever they meet, the tension is large and grows stronger after they tell their families they are getting married. Immediately, problem of the baby's religion is brought up. Isabel's parents naturally believe that the baby will be Catholic and Alex's parents need the baby to get Protestant. Following much preventing, nothing is resolved. This split in their romance eventually leads to their seperation. Isabel believed that the diverse religions and beliefs had been impossible to combined. Your woman believed that she...