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 Enrollment and Registration System Essay

Enrollment and Registration System

For agencies that have a really long registration or registration process and so many paper documents that could be filled up, an electronic enrollment or registration program will eradicate any human errors in filling up these documents and fast track as well ensuring the accuracy in the applicant during the enrollment or registration. Imagine a fast and reliable program that can be beneficial to the customer and corporation


The range of our analyze is for the computer laboratory of the said campus. The study will incorporate network connections and how they will work. It is focused on the network administration used by the IT as being a subject pertaining to our thesis. The study does not cover any other classrooms or perhaps facilities which often not employ computer cable connections. The delimitation of the research is delimiting a study simply by geographic area, age, sexual, population characteristics, population size, or different similar factors. Delimitation can be used to make analyze better plus more feasible and not just for the eye of the specialist. It also determines the constraints or weaknesses of your examine which are certainly not within the control of the investigator. Sample keyword phrases that portrayed the delimitations of the examine.


General objective is obviously to assist ease the challenge in controlling records on enrolling outdated and fresh students.


We are especially aimed to present to the stated school the beauty and features on employing electronic devices just like computers in helping these to compile and manage data on enrollment season, and propose the computerized program on managing student's documents to avoid mishandling, redundancy, also to prevent records on having old and damaged simply by natural calamities like down pours, storms and heat.