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 Essay regarding reflective practice

Assessing social work practice using the PCF

Integrated Essential analysis and reflective practice

Critical expression and vitally reflective practice are central to sociable work – indeed ‘Critical Reflection and Analysis' is among the nine domains of the PCF, with functionality statements built into all levels. However , facets of critical research and refractive practice are built into a large number of domains inside the PCF. For example , how does students social staff member learn about ‘professional and personal boundaries' without the capability to reflect on all their experiences by practice?

A few central guidelines within important analysis and

reflective practice that should be proven are

a chance to

- strategy, conceiving a range of different

ideas and scenarios (domain a few, 6)

- identify and draw upon different sources of

knowledge, theory and study to assess

and plan all their work (domain 5)

-- describe and analyse what took place,

which includes impact on do it yourself and others (

domain six,

- assess what happened, including

critiquing own practice and taking into consideration

alternative techniques that might have got

been applied or which you might use in the

future (domain 6, 7 )

-- revise speculation in light of this action and

reflection and plan next steps (domain 6, 2)

- pull on facts to use your specialist

judgement to influence making decisions

(domain a few, 6)

It thus entails insight, educational and imaginative

thinking for each unique part of practice. More than

time, cultural work professionals should become

highly skilled from this so that it is likewise possible to

PCF21-Integrated Important Reflective Practice September 2012

Case example:

Retha was finding the case really

taxing. There was a lot of pressure

to ‘do' something due to

concerns by what ‘might'

happen. She consulted her

professional lead about safeguarding

(domain 1) and together that they

considered the legal frameworks

which were available to support any

intervention (domain 8). The key

query was...