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п»їReferences available at the St . John's College Catalogue to assist college students with their SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.

1) Photography equipment Presence at the begining of America by Ivan Truck Sertima

2) Americans ahead of Columbus simply by Elizabeth Chesley Baity

3) 1491 Fresh Revelations of the Americas prior to Columbus by Charles C. Mann 4) Columbus inside the Americas by William Least Heat-Moon

5) Columbus as well as the Age of Finding by Zvi Dor-Ner

6) Toward the Setting Sun by David Boyle

7) The Dark-colored Diaspora by simply Ronald Segal

8) The newest World by Warrick M. Bray, Earl Swanson and Ian S. Farrington 9) Confederate Settlements in United kingdom Honduras simply by Donald C. Simmons, Junior. 10) The Ancient Maya by Heather Mckillop

11) The Historical Maya 3 rd Edition Sylvanus G. Morley revised by simply George Brainerd 12) Standard History of the Caribbean Volume level III Manager: Franklin Watts. Knight 13) The Carribbean: The Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism by Franklin W. Knight 14) The Dark Jacobins by simply C. D. R Adam

15) The individuals who came up Bk a few by Edward Brathwaite & Anthony Phillips 16) Europe in the Carribbean by Sir Harold Mitchell

17) Sixth is v. S Naipaul: The Middle Passageway

18) Nelson's West American indian History by RN Murray

19) The Indigenous People of the Caribbean edited by Samuel Wilson 20) Fight to Freedom Africa Runaways and Maroons inside the Americas by Alvin To. Thompson 21) The American Pagent by Bailey, Kennedy and Cohen

22) Tanque by Emily Morris

23) The Grenada Revolution: How come it failed by Robert Milleye and Mahin Gosine 24) Joshua Williams plus the Making with the Modern Caribbean by Colin A. Palmer 25) White-colored Creole Lifestyle, Politics and Identity throughout the Age of Derogation 26) Haiti by Emily Wade Can

27) The World of the Haitian Revolution simply by Geegus and Fiering 28) Columbus Outpost among the Tainos

29) The Story from the Haitian Trend: Avengers with the New World by Laurent Dubois 30) Caribbean Cultural Identity by Nettleford

31) The Iron Thorn: The Beat of the Uk by the Jamaican Maroons by simply Carey Brown 32) Discovery bay, jamaica Struggle in the Periphery...