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 Problems with My personal Apartment Article

Difficulties with My House

When I was younger, I fantasized about how precisely wonderful life would be after i moved into my apartment. Now I'm a bit old and wiser, and my own dreams include turned into disturbing dreams. In fact , my own apartment features given myself nothing but head aches. From the working day I authorized the rental, I've had to deal with a great uncooperative homeowner, an incompetent janitor, and rude friends and neighbors.


TOPIC SENTENCE IN YOUR ESSAY: First of all, my landlord have been very uncooperative. Major Stage #1: He can inflexible in terms of paying the hire on time. Certain detail(s):

Major Stage #2: He has also been uncooperative about upgrading some things in my condo.

Major Point #3: Also, this individual has no esteem for my own privacy. Certain detail(s)


THEME SENTENCE: I have had a difficulty not only with my homeowner but as well as an incompetent janitor. Major Point #1: First of all, he is incredibly sluggish. Specific detail(s):

Main Point #2: Also, this kind of janitor cannot fix anything without producing the problem more serious. Specific detail(s):


TOPIC SENTENCE: Nevertheless , the most detrimental problem has been with the inconsiderate neighbors who live in the apartment straight above my own. Major Level #1: To start with, their children are exceedingly noisy. Specific detail(s):

Main Point #2: Furthermore, the parents are even even louder than youngsters. Specific detail(s):

Significant Point #3: To make matters worse, these types of neighbors have been very irritating and disregarded all my needs for their co-operation. Specific detail(s):


At times my condo seems like a small, friendly oasis surrounded by hostile enemies. I never find out where the next problem is likely to come from next—the landlord, the janitor, and also the neighbors. House may be in which the heart is definitely, but We am offering serious thought to relocating.