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AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR Pre-Construction and Construction Phase Services FP& M Project No, CP00 XXXX

ARRANGEMENT made by and between the Plank of Regents, State of Iowa, performing for New jersey State School, hereinafter referred to as the Owner, and CM Name and Address hereinafter called the Construction Manager. A strikethrough of paragraph(s) represents deleted or modified vocabulary. See Content 16 pertaining to deletions, adjustments and inclusions in the Contract. The Owner intends to undertake around the Campus of Iowa Condition University a Project entitled: Project Title: Official Project Title The Project Design Specialist is: Name of Design Professional The Owner and Construction Manager agree as set forth under: I. The development Manager shall provide companies for the Project according to the CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF THE CONTRACT. The Construction Director accepts the partnership of trust and self confidence established between the Construction Director and the Owner by this Contract. The Construction Administrator covenants together with the Owner to furnish the development Manager's best skill and judgment and cooperate together with the Owner's Design and style Professional in furthering the interests of the Owner. The development Manager confirms to furnish efficient business administration and superintendence and to use the Structure Manager's ideal efforts all the time in the the majority of expeditious and economical method consistent with the curiosity of the Owner. II. The proprietor shall pay the Construction Director in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FROM THE AGREEMENT. A. For STANDARD SERVICES, as described in Article 2, and any other services specified in Document 16 as Basic Companies, Compensation should be computed as follows: For Pre-Construction Phase Companies compensation is definitely comprised of costs of employees engaged in the performance of services presented in this Contract and straight attributable to the project according to the plan of By the hour Rates by Classification (Exhibit B), to never exceed a establish limit of and No/100 Dollars ($ ). AND/OR Pertaining to Construction Period Services payment shall be on the basis of a established sum of and No/100 Dollars ($ ) ( % of the Development Cost because defined in Paragraph your five. 1). The fee amount is based upon the current structure budget of $ . B. For added SERVICES, defined in Article 3, and any other services specified in Article 18 as Further Services, payment shall be computed as agreed upon in writing during the required services.

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TAKE NOTE: Select the ideal Paragraph C, depending on the job circumstances. Pre-Construction and Construction Phase Services - where reimbursables are known C. To get REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES, as defined in Section 12. several, the actual costs incurred by Construction Supervisor in the interest of the Project and identified inside the schedule of Reimbursable Bills (Exhibit " C”). Reimbursable Expenses will not exceed and No/100 Dollars ($ ). Pre-Construction and Construction Phase Services - where reimbursables for Construction Phase Services are not known C. For Pre-Construction Phase REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES, because described in Paragraph doze. 3, you see, the costs received by the Building Manager in the interest of the Job. Reimbursable Bills shall not go over and No/100 Dollars ($ ). Reimbursable Expenses for construction stage services will be determined if the actual building costs happen to be known. During those times, reimbursable expenses will be added by Change to this Arrangement. Pre-Construction Phase Services only C. For REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES, while described in Paragraph doze. 3, you see, the costs incurred by the Building Manager with the intention to the Project. Reimbursable Expenses shall not exceed and No/100 Dollars ($ ). G. Professional consultants retained by Construction Administrator for the skills...