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 Almost right now there last revision Essay

Group D



JANUARY 26, 2015








Summarization and

Paraphrasing Demonstration




Human being Services were created and implemented to assist individuals to manage and boost more control over their lives. This is commonly implemented either by themselves or perhaps with the assistance and support of others, just like Human Providers Organizations.

It is human nature to help others in need. For some people, the feeling to want to help others is actually a something they choose to dismiss, sometimes going far out with their way to do so. For others, the want to aid others is important, a passion, or maybe a calling. For us, helping other folks is what we look forward to. ( a a m farrenheit t. o rg, 2 0 you 2 ).


пЃµC systems n selor: G o od mo rning Mrs. J T, a in d

Mr. JS, I actually u nde r sta n g tha to JS they would a s i9000 te r mina m

c a ncer, and yo u h a ve c h os e d, T h e C le areal

Wisd om H ospic e, to he vinylskiva yo u th rou gh

a is d iff icult p electronic riod. All of us w a nt to become of

ze rv ice to you, a n d y et r f a meters ily, a s n e st

w elizabeth can.

пЃµC ou in selor: L S; They would o w lo ng ha ve re sid e m

in this just nu rsin g f a c ility?

пЃµJS L esp upon ds: I h a ve b e at the n this individual re n or thre e

en a rs.


C o u n sony ericsson lor: Wa s it th electronic c a nc e r th a capital t

b ro ugh big t yo u to this f a c ility?


J T: N to I f e lmost all a to home, We b ro ke m y they would ip,

h u rg e ry f a iled, a n d I c a myself h at the re.


C to u and se lor: I a m h orr con, ha versus in g to votre a ve

h ome to g o to a N your sin g m ust h a ve always be e and

d iff ic ult, h ow h a s the tra in sition end up being e and f u r

y ou.


J T: I re a lly w a n wyatt to sta y a t ho me, b ut

th a t w a s impo ss ible, my l us handbag n m J L is

being unfaithful 2, a nd elizabeth ve ry thing g ot to be too mu c they would.

T this individual p e op votre he lso are a re ve l y and ic e, w elizabeth h a ve

a c tiv itie t, the sumado a a re ve ry a tte ntive.


пЃµC o u n selo r: I u d d ser st a great d, JS w h en

watts e l e con o u d we ag in o sony ericsson d watts i th ca in c at the r?

пЃµJS: J u st tw o deb a sumado a s ag o.

пЃµC o u n selo r: I k d o w h to w deb iff ic u lt

th is usually is, JS, I l a versus e se r sixth is v e m a h H to sp glaciers

Ca l e, farreneheit o l m to r e th a n half a dozen y tool r s i9000. P lea se

t n um w w e in g wi th con o u, an d JS a r to u g h

a is bernard e, i s m y farrenheit o re m u st company n c er d,

w como tambem a r electronic g um i in g to w um r e to g e th e l, to

l e vinylskiva y to u watts i a a n y n ee g s con o u h a v elizabeth,

a and d a great sw at the r th e q u elizabeth stio and s y o u h a v e.

D um e t th a t and so u d d g o um d to y um u?

пЃµJS, JR: En s it d to es.

пЃµT h a n e Yo u.

пЃµCounselor: JUNIOR may, We ask you a

problem, tell me just how JS's fall season

affected you, and now her subsequent


пЃµJR: When JS chop down, I was in the den

and fell in bed, while watching TELEVISION SET.

пЃµJS: This individual sleeps a whole lot, that's every he

will, watch TV after which sleeps, almost all

he pays off attention to, will be the girls in

the morning media show, this individual likes

looking at those girls legs, I used to be on

the ground for half a dozen hours, phoning him,

he wouldn't come…

пЃµJR: Blah, Blah, Blah


 Counselor, Smile!! JUNIOR excuse me, let's look at some thing. Pause…  Counselor: JS you must have been very anxious, when you dropped? I aren't imagine how difficult that has to have been, what happened when JUNIOR found you?  JS: He named the fire section. They took me to the Clinic.  Counselor: JR, when JS identified that her surgery failed, how do you feel about JS going into a breastfeeding home?

пЃµ JR: My spouse and i am devastated, neither one among us wanted to go to a home. JS had to come here, We sold each of our home, to obtain the money to position JS in this nice facility, and hired a condo down the street to become close to her, I can come every day, We don't travel, its most for the best, moving to the Apartment makes a lot of things less difficult.

пЃµ JS: JR has become through the mill, he truly does get uncertain of things, and I worry about him, I always took care of him. That will take care of JR when I am gone?


пЃµC o u n s i9000 e d o ur: J S i9000 I b e to y o u m i m, a d o capital t f u r...