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 Essay about Physical Appearance in nonverbal Connection

Appearance in Non-Verbal Communication

Christian Ford

ENG 223

Mar 9, 2013

Christon Walker

Physical Appearance in nonverbal Interaction

Non-verbal interaction has many aspects, but commonly Physical Appearance can usually make or break particular situations. Inside the following all of us will go over in some detail what nonverbal communication is and how looks plays a part. Why does physical appearance matter? Does it affect each of our views of other civilizations? Will it generate it better to accept the views of your sales agent? Will it support individuals to take a job? These are all questions that are frequently asked when physical appearance is discussed and hopefully will be answered. Initial let's check out what nonverbal communication is; nonverbal communication is defined as " all aspects of communication aside from words” [ (Woods, 2007) ]. This definition does add up to a rather huge spectrum, thus instead of getting into depth, read about a few types; Kinesics which refers to body gestures, Haptics which can be the perception of feel, Artifacts which will refers to items that we use for identify who also we are, Proxemics which is about space and just how we make use of it. These are a few types of nonverbal conversation but we will only be discussing physical appearance. Now that we now have somewhat of an idea of what non-verbal connection can in tale let us see how appearance plays a role in day by day life conditions. In a best world it might be nice to say that it won't matter what your partner looks like but unfortunately it does matter. Consider of all the simple judgments we make about someone based on his or her physical appearance [ (Cherry, 2013) ]. Take for instance as we were walking across the road we arrive upon an individual that looks like an out of work homeless person. Our initially instinct is to steer clear and try to cross the road. We can't be sure that he could be homeless, for a lot of we know he just sold out of clean close or provides a real filthy job...

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