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 Essay about Philip Morris Ethical Problems

BUSI 385

Philip Morris International Inc.

Cigarettes an Ethical Issue

For a Successful Company

Simply by

Matthew Murray

Table of Contents

Firm Overview

Business Success and Campaigns

Smoking cigarettes Regulation and Effect on the organization

An Ethical Look on an " Evil” Company

Philip Morris and Positive Ethical Behavior

Business Views plus the Utilitarian Approach

The Fact of the Matter pertaining to Philip Morris

In Conclusion


Company Review

The Philip Morris founded a cigarette company in 1847 London. They specialized in hand-rolled smoking cigarettes and were very much a tiny, family went business. In 1902 the corporation moved to Nyc and had a fresh demographic in a new region. The company remained small and was actively only the sixth greatest tobacco company in the United States. Together with the famous " Marlboro Man” advertising campaign the company gained popularity and in 1983 Philip Morris was the greatest cigarette business in the United States.

Following that, the company began to expand in other businesses expanding on its intercontinental market. Philip Morris bought Miller Making Company in the 1970s and Standard Foods in 1985. Precisely the same year Philip Morris Firms was incorporated as a public company. Philip Morris continued their enlargement with the takeover of Energi in 1988 as well as the merger among South Africa Breweries with Miller Making in 2002. Philip Morris Companies changed its name to Altria Group Inc. in 2003 and spun away Kraft Food in 2007. (4) They then gained the international organization of Philip Morris as a separate firm and attained U. S i9000. Smokeless Tobacco Company. The holding business owns Philip Morris USA, U. T. Smokeless Tobacco Company, Philip Morris Capital Corp and Nu Tag, a new firm that generates Nicotine Lozenges. Company Success and Promotions

Today Philip Morris is still top in the cigarette marketplace. The company's cigarette brands possess about half of the cigarette industry in the United States. The other Philip Morris brands include Parliament, Virginia Slims, Merit, Cambridge, and Standard. The majority of the firm success originates from their wizard advertising inside the 1950's. (4) Widely viewed as one of the most powerful marketing campaigns ever the " Marlboro Man” helped Philip Morris bring itself towards the top of the market. Marlboro utilized the image of a rugged cowboy enjoying a cigarette on horseback quickly adapt men into taking pleasure in their manufacturer. Released in 1955 the success of similar was incredible. In 1954 Marlboro revenue accounted for $154 million in cigarette sold. From there the campaign extended into other professions including sports actors, racing individuals, and other " manly-men” to boost bran acknowledgement. (6) The campaign ongoing through 1999 and is continue to widely recognized in today's pop-culture. A lot of Philip Morris's accomplishment can be related to the fact that their method addictive. Having customers having a physical habbit to their merchandise makes consumer loyalty an easy thing particularly when demand is high. Cigarettes Regulation as well as Effect on the business

While Philip Morris enjoyed uncontested monetary success through the entire latter half the 20th 100 years it appears headaches are coming. Throughout the 60's smoking cigarettes was a life-style in the United States. It had been associated with a lifetime of glamor and practically experienced everyone smoking. By 1963 American adults were smoking an average of 12 cigarettes every day. In 1963 the Doctor General produced the backlinks of smoking cigarettes and cancers. Since then the tobacco sector has simply become more controlled. A year later the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising and marketing Act was passed which in turn required almost all cigarettes acquired by carry the Cosmetic surgeon General's alert. As analysis into the negative effects of smoking cigarettes grew more robust the rules and ?uvre began. In 1990 smoking cigarettes was restricted on busses and home flights the first movement in the forbidance of smoking cigarettes and its problems to others. With these...