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Our process is the creation of a new payroll program. The old method is outdated with no longer adequately manages the payroll method and the entry of staff time cards information. Therefore , manual treatment is required to procedure the payroll. In addition to the preexisting category of salaried employee, that the current payroll process truly does support, we now accommodates two fresh types of employees: all those employees focusing on commission, and those employees working away at an per hour basis. The existing payroll process doesn't support these two fresh employee types, which are referred to in detail afterwards in this trouble statement. Additionally to covering all worker types, and ensuring that our system can cater to newly produced categories of personnel in the future, the machine must also enable each of these staff to enter her or his time data via a company intranet utilizing a standard Web browser. Because workers can manage only all their individual period card information, a user IDENTIFICATION and security password is required of each and every employee prior to gaining usage of this section with the corporate intranet. The payroll process can process just " signed" time credit cards, which are individuals time playing cards that the worker has identified as accurate. Total, the system will store advice about the approximately a couple of, 000 business employees. This kind of data will probably be stored in the Oracle salaries database. The payroll process must run on the 15th and previous day of each month at 12: 00 a. m. All income must be effectively calculated and deposited into one or more bank accounts of the employees' choosing. Staff also should manage to change information that is personal, such as titles, addresses, and passwords. Eventually, the system must enable employees to maintain all their direct deposit information with the system too. However , this kind of feature is beyond the scope in the initial release. A human resources representative should be able to initiate the...