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At one time, something happened, then someone died everybody cried and grieved the end…

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well, this one time in band camp I got caught between two rocks and also suicide bombed 3 times together to cut off my own adjustable rate mortgage to survive a tsunami and find my family who have got dropped at being married when the committing suicide bomb strike, and I rock and roll fell down and jammed their arms and such, the end I had to slice my provide with a straight-forward Chinese tear off Swiss army blade, I how to start why Used to do, because I want even caught up, guess it absolutely was just eh pressure I was under,

movie trailer of the difficult

the hardest battle is often staying the one forgotten

We woke up, it was all just a dream, very well that's the things i thought it was, it was then I noticed, I was still here, in the place I actually least wished to be, dangling upside down by my toenails, I was exclusively, no one in sight. It was darker, yet I could see a spot off twinkling light approaching through what seemed like the top, but it was probably the wall membrane it formed a white-colored figure, it had been a ghost my mind was telling me personally, well gowns what I thought, it was coming closer and closer to me personally, whispering in a weird tone of voice, speaking in a gibberish language, but I can make out some words, Now i am hearing pot, and cutlery, with a touch of seasoning, Maybe a part of pumpkin and taters. Salt and pepper, that's all I could make out,

I felt like I was likely to pass out, every one of the blood hurrying to me, I cannot feel my toes, nevertheless I DON'T HAVE ANY TOES. Or perhaps I think I really do, I aren't remember, there is nothing making feeling, too much blood vessels, its almost everywhere, but can it be mine? I actually don't truly feel any pain, can it be acquire? Maybe, I suppose only period will tell, the ghostly figure is gone now, I've no Idea wherever he/she/it travelled nor do I care, I actually...