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Running head: 2012 London Olympics

In the year 2005, London ‘s Mayor Ken Livingston signed with the International Olympic Committee saying yes to have his city to get the 2012 Summer Olympics. The agreement signed is an impressive masterwork of micro-management. When a town or nation receives their very own set of thirty-three " Specialized Manuals”, they will find it hard to store whilst it takes up more than four toes of bookshelf space. As well, to go along with their technical manual, London need to comply with the Olympics conditions. London must be able to designate 250 kilometers of committed traffic lane for the select make use of athletes along with Olympic families (Gross, 2012). People of the Olympic Family should also have by their leisure at least 500 air-conditioned limousines with chauffeurs using special uniforms and limits. Even more, London must also schedule and pay to get 40, 1000 hotel rooms. These hotel rooms must fit the needs of 1, 800 four and five star rooms to get the I. O. C. and its associates for the entirety of the Olympic games. These are just some of the expenses that London needs to pay and prepare for in the beginning to the games.

London, uk supported 43 venues in the games earlier this summer; this kind of number was less than their particular predicted volume of online games due to the bills. With the range of venues London provided, bills were extremely up right now there in expense. When you think of the Olympics you don't understand how much has to go into all of them, arenas, stadiums, fields, properties, restrooms, power, and many more things dealing with the games need to be built make up excellent.

The Riverzone reinforced 4 key venues inside the Thames Gateway area overlapping the Riv Thames. The first key venue was your ExCel, which usually held boxing, Judo, table tennis, fencing, struggling, weightlifting, and Taekwondo. The other main venue was the Greenwich Park, which usually held equestrian and modern pentathlon. The 3rd venue, becoming the North Greenwich Location; held two sorts being basketball and gymnastics. Lastly, The...