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NT1330 Client-Server Networking 2

Eric Miara

Windows 08 Network Solutions

Unit one particular Assignment

Mentor Mo

03 19, 2015

There are two very important tools to use in Networking. They are Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Settings Protocol (DHCP). These help in keeping your Network organized whilst building this. A DNS is a system used to brand computers and network providers that is prepared into a pecking order of websites. It can help locate computers and services through user brands. Dynamic Number Configuration Process allows a server to automatically designate IP addresses to a laptop from a specific range of figures configured for that network. The two of these tools work as the foundation to get IT-Management. IT-Management is the structure where all the information technology resources of a business are handled based on what it needs and priorities. This really is a necessity because it helps maintain the workflow showing how a company functions and to also help maintain business. Again these two tools will help keep an organized well managed network composition for a business. DNS will help your network of personal pcs obtain and understand data, Bill Entrances once referred to it as digital stressed system which in turn helps place it in a better explanation. Urls identify more than one IP tackles, for example an internet URL can be considered a domain name. It is a lot easier for people to remember yahoo. com rather than entering their individual Internet protocol address, which is a small bit more difficult to keep in mind. DNS can be kind of like the best way that we may talk to pcs and they can breakdown what we should are saying we would like to go to after which communicate to another network. DHCP is what will help assign your node to a IP address. This will likely be instantly assigned unlike a stationary IP that you just as a Network administrator would assign to each device. DHCP I would likely recommend applying in a bigger group of devices. You can also work with DHCP on a smaller...

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