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Current Issues in Management Accounting and Current Issues in Financial Accounting 2013-14 Schoolwork for ACCO 1114 and ACCO 1115

(Associate organizations version – not for Greenwich based students) ABRS College student Submission Due Date: 2 November 2013

This title is good for students taking CIMA examination in January 2014. You should be aware students taking CIMA exam in May 2014 or August 2014 should certainly contact Gary Owen at Greenwich (Email G. And. [email protected] ac. uk). In the event in doubt please consult any local tutor or perhaps administrator. This coursework (CW) assignment is made for ACCO 1114 and ACCO 1115 (ie the one mark will be moved into as the CW tag in the two courses in students' users. The schoolwork is worth forty percent of the total assessment for every course. For this reason, students must be sure that two header bedding are fastened – a single for each program. Note: students taking simply CIFA or only PUNTA need attach the header sheet intended for the respective course simply. This take note applies to students having to resit a single program only. Details on the requirements get in the next pages. Ensure you read and fully understand the next paragraphs. Word length Weighting Due date

Research essay 3000 words not including references/bibliography, dining tables, footnotes, etc . 40% Composition title: Recently Activity Structured Costing (ABC) has generally been referred to as one of the most crucial innovations in Management Accounting. Evaluate the factors that influence the successful setup of FONEM in producing countries. Needed

You are required to develop a research essay that looks at how DASAR has been applied in expanding countries. You are to see the following article.

Implementation of activity primarily based costing in Malaysia: An instance study of two companiesType: Research paperAuthor(s): Jamaliah Abdul Majid, Maliah SulaimanSource: Oriental Review of Accounting Volume: of sixteen Issue: you 2008 Here is info available on the " Collection & IT” link on the portal. You can go to the link for the elibrary and look in the online resources. This post can be found in the Emerald periodicals. Students will be penalised simply by 10 % if you do not reference point this article within your essay. You are to discover and seriously evaluate by least an additional nine educational journal articles or blog posts related in some manner to one above and draw out a clear debate with realization based upon your data considered. Additional sources might be added because desired. The indicative tagging scheme listed below will help you to composition your work. Suggestions for this dissertation

Only a brief history of HURUF is required (maximum 400 words)

You should give attention to companies in developing countries

You should contain surveys within the adoption of ABC in various countries You should include examples from at least a few different countries. You should incorporate examples of businesses that have integrated ABC successfully and businesses that have turned down ABC. You must clearly measure the critical success factors intended for implementing FONEM. You should include companies from different industries.

House design

Reports happen to be required…

Being in black ink on white

Being in Times New Roman well, point size 12 intended for the text To become in size 18 in bold for the title

To obtain line spacing of 1ВЅ lines

To work with no additional fonts or perhaps font sizes

Not to utilize clipart or perhaps similar pictures

To feature a central header to exhibit the title ‘Narrative Reporting' To incorporate footers to exhibit student's identity (left), ‘The University of Greenwich' (centre) and the web page number (right). To have headers and footers in Times New Roman well, size stage 8 To show the word depend as Appendix 1

Being fully Harvard referenced, which include full web browser addresses used and other information of resources (Important! -- see Appendix A) To work with hanging indent for the references list (in MS Office - Paragraph/indents/special/hanging, comparable in other applications) Some fundamentals

Structuring your essay

Make use of sub-headings based on a few themes. This will help you to organise your work while you are...