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Dear Diary,

It's not really fair! Is actually just not fair! What was Dumby's fault? For what reason him? How come god also have to discipline the good? I realize that Dumby was wrong by breaking into the pub, but it can not his fault. Having been upset because he didn't find the McRae medal for best on ground, fantastic stupid relative took good thing about that. Couldn't Big Mac see that it had been Dumby? Dumby doesn't deserve to pass away like this. Having been good from the heart. Having been the one who also helped me the time when our team was playing against Tangaratta, and Crazy Dog (a hopeless yet strong participant from their team) had myself in a headlock, while whacking me just like and idiot. No one allowed me to, I cried to the other folks for help so many times nonetheless they just was there, frozen, scared rather than wanting to transfer case Upset Dog bombarded them. It absolutely was only Dumby that allowed me to. Dumby came and put Angry Dog in a headlock while his deal with was going redder by the minute. It will take a daring heart and a good good friend to do something such as that. Pickles, who is intended to be my greatest mate, would never do something like that for me. Dumby was a true hero. Is actually his funeral tomorrow, I saw the advertisement for it inside the newspaper, but I don't believe mum will let me get let alone my own old man. Yet I'll go, I'm certainly not gonna allow anyone stop me via attending Dumby's funeral, even if it means walking all the way to the idea! My old fart wants me personally to go out on the boat with him again, the same day while Dumby's funeral service. He reckons he's going to produce another possibility, but I understand he simply wants me personally there since his partner can't produce it. Now i am not going to permit anything or perhaps anyone are available in between Dumby's funeral and me. I'm going whether anyone likes this or not! He would a lot for me while he was living, minimal I can carry out is go to his burial and show his family my personal support.

R. I actually. P

Dumby Reddish

Alright then, I greatest be away. Need to prepare anything for my personal trip to the actual tomorrow.

Yours genuinely,