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Music of India| Based on philosophy and religion

Raga (concept)| Scale system that is consists of five, 6, seven or perhaps eight notes| Swaras| Paperwork or pitch SA RI GA MOTHER PA DA NI SA| Indian Range System| One of the developed musical scale devices in the worldComparable to european scale system| Tala| Foundation the tempo of the music of IndiaTime or rhythm provided by the drum that usually occurs over the entire musicIs not a consistent subdivision of beats in a measurePerformed having a different trommel called MRIDANGACYCLE: 3-100 times| Sum| First beat of Tala which can be the most important factor and will get the ultimate feature Dadra| Pattern of 6th beats| Rupak| Cycle of seven beats

Kerhwa| Cycle of 8 sounds

Jhaptal| Cycle of 12 beats

Ektal| Cycle of 12 surpasses

Adha-Chautal| Cycle of 13 beats

Teen-Tal| Cycle of 16 is better than

Hindustani Music| Music in the northCome from the mixture of American indian, Arabian and Persian MusicFreer in kind and style| Alap| PreludeFollowed by a track accompanied by the drum

SET OF INSTRUMENTS| * SARANGI- stringed tools for solo and enclosed vocal music * SITAR- stringed tool which bears the tune * DAINA & BHAYA- pairs of two small drums| Carnatic School| Music with the southSaid to be free from foreign influencesVery conservative when it comes to performanceBased around the compositions of India's great composersBased about RAGA and TALA| Alapana| The music of Carnatic School starts with…….. / totally free introductionFOLLOWED BY: PallaviAnupallaviCarana| Pallavi| Portion where performer does the improvisation| SIGNIFICANT INSTRUMENTS OF CARNATIC SCHOOL| * Veena * Mridanga * Mayuri * Udupe | Two influential Schools in India| * Hindustani Music 2. Carnatic Institution


Art| Can be defined in such a way that the artist may express his idea or maybe his intentionsDescribes the inhabitant of one place| Drawings| Simple form of the caveman's aesthetic education| Buddhism| Has the serious effect of the religion for the artCategorized new styles and subjects in the Chinese tradition by the next century EARLIEST| Built in the 4th hundred years in Dunhuang| Dunhuang| In which caves had been decorated with relief designs, paintings and stone or stucco pictures of the Juggernaut and bodhisattvas

Christian| Has become a significant part of the culturesThese influences delivered to a multitude of functions of european art 2. Christ the Redeemer- stands on the Corcovado Mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro 5. One of the city's most famous monuments| Hindu| Empty since 1585One of the most amazing sites in India and is strikingly very well preservedMain emphasis: PALACE & MOSQUE 2. Mosque- founded as an offering of thanks for the birth of two sons so that as a tribute to Akbar's spiritual counselor * Shaikh Salim Chisti- Akbar's psychic counselor * Lived as being a recluse at this site then named SIKRI * Sikri- situated west with the Mughal Capital * Agra- Mughal Capital * FATEHPUR SIKRI- features a colossal gateway made of sandstone * Among the Mughal Empires most remarkable architectural achievements| Islamic| Initial established that requires protection from sunshine, wind and sand due to desert climateDifferent from the concept of the churchSome structural elements: ARCH, DOME, NO SUBSTANTIAL WINDOWS 5. Mosque of Cordoba in Spain- begun in ADVERTISEMENT 786 while the city was your capital of Moorish Italy * Features columns that support horseshoe shaped rebattu decorated with stripes of alternating colors| Technology| Today generally regarded as applied scienceSuggests permanent alter and improvement * SI METAL PLASTIC- shaped into a microchip| Fine art AND Tech| Concise blend

Skill Spiegelman| 2. Earned crucial and business acclaim intended for his a couple of volume...